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EzyLoad. The Safest, Easiest, Rod Loader Attachment to Date!

EzyLoad is the Safest, Easiest, Newly Invented 'Rod Loader Attachment' to date and is designed for use with a Vehicle Mounted Crane. 

EzyLoad has been designed and built in Western Australia with a safety factor that is far above what is required under AS 4991=2004.

EzyLoad is recommended coupled to a Crane that uses the latest 'Overload Safety Features', these features further compliment the overall safety of this attachment.


'Hands Free Operating System'

A patented 'Energise to Open System' allows the 'Hands Free' loading and unloading of various sized Drill Pipe/Rods with complete safety.


This versatile Attachment allows the Operator to pick up Drill Pipe/Rods from almost any position around the Truck and then position it to engage the Rotary Head.

Drill Pipe/Rod Safety.

Drill Pipe/Rods can be added and removed from the Drill with complete safety and totally 'Hands Free'.

Remote Controlled.

Remote controlled functions remove the Operator from the work area and also from 'the line of fire'.

Safety Systems.

Three (3) 'Safety System' have been incorporated into the Release Mechanism of the Attachment.

Release Mechanism.

The Release Mechanism cannot be accessed from the Remote Control Unit, removing the chance of accidental release.

Clamping System.

Our Clamping System differs from all other Hydraulic Clamping Systems as it requires System Pressure to open the Jaws and release the Drill Rod.

Mechanically Energised Jaws.

Mechanical stored energy is used to hold each Jaw closed, each Jaw works independently.

Gripping Jaws.

Ezyload uses Eight (8) pairs of Gripping Jaws working independently to hold the Drill Pipe/Rod securely in place.

LED Clamping Status Lights.

Two (2) LED Clamping Status Lights are mounted in clear view for the Operator, Indicating the position of the Clamps.

Control Panel Status Lights.

Status lights are also visible on the Control Panel which is mounted on the rear of the Truck.




*Patent Pending.


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